Winterisation Project For Moria Camp

Since the end of November, The Timber Project, with the support of Help Refugees and watershed foundation, has been undertaking a huge winterisation project in Moria Camp, on Lesvos. With Moria’s population still stretched to over three times capacity, and as many as four families crammed into one 16m2 emergency tent, conditions are increasingly life threatening as the harsh Greek winter takes hold.

We have been installing raised, insulated floors underneath the tents to lift them out of the freezing ground water and sewage, which swamps the camp. We have floored 65 out of the 110 UNHCR tents so far, using over 4 km of timber frame, 1000m2 of insulation, 400 sheets of OSB and 700 wooden pallets, all held together by 15,000 screws. Our dedicated team of volunteers and Moria residents won’t stop until every tent has been completed. In many ways this is the most basic project we have ever undertaken, but also the most crucial.

Flooring is only one small component in the massive challenge of making Moria more humane.

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