Finishing Touches in Koutsochero

After a refreshing break back home seeing family and friends we returned to Koutsochero to finish a few things on the grocery store and library space.

The grocery store was already in action and proving immensely popular in camp with queues out the door! In order to ensure people weren't forced to wait in the rain we built a canopy to the patio area at the front of the shop and built two large benches for people to sit on whilst waiting. We also added guttering to the canopy and building to better deal with the water when it rains.

In addition to this we added a small porch area to the children's library to prevent rain water driving into the container when it was open. The porch also offers a dry place for children to leave their muddy shoes before coming into the space ensuring it can easily be kept clean

Whilst we had also intended to build phase 2 of the shade garden this month we decided that with winter fast approaching our work might be more urgently needed elsewhere in the many winterisation projects happening on the islands. To this end we plan to begin work there instead and reassess the need later in the year.


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