Work Begins on We Are Here Community Centre!

January 11, 2017

It was a sad day when we learnt that the community centre in Nea Kavala Camp had burnt down. The centre had been acting as a school house as well as a venue for several other services offered by We Are Here and felt like a huge loss to the camp. The Timber Project with the support of Help Refugees immediately offered to help by rebuilding the centre and after receiving the go ahead from the ministry work began this week.  


Due to the FREEZING temperatures at Nea Kavala Camp, we decided to lay the foundations we were going to need a bit more power than our arms and spades could offer. However it soon became apparent that even a digger couldn't penetrate the ground so it was back to the drawing board for our foundations. After what seemed like one problem after another, we managed to get our posts up! Hopefully it's plain sailing from here! 




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