A Helping Hand

Recently our team helped Verein FAIR and The Voice Of Thousands with their generous distribution efforts of food and NFI (non-food items) in both Kelebija and Horgos camps. When Katrin and Martin arrived at Kelebija, they were recognised by a few families that had left Ritsona together about a month ago. It was such a bittersweet moment for us - to see that they had arrived here safely after walking from Greece but also knowing that their journeys are far from finished. It was particularly special for Katrin to reconnect with one of the pregnant women she had known in Ritsona - mere days away from her due date. In Horgos, Kirsty spoke to a man from Afghanistan who shared some of his story with her. He studied as a mechanic in Kabul and specialised as a welder. He had worked for an American company with the promise of a visa which, as we have heard so many times over, disappeared as quickly as they did. One day, after spotting what he suspected to be a car bomb in the city he made a report to the police. Instead of thanking him for his bravery and public service he received threatening visits from the Taliban to his home to the point where he felt he had to leave to protect his family. He has made the life-threatening journey across the sea and waited in Greece only to be told that Afghanistan is a 'safe' country and that asylum will not be granted. They have since done as so many others and walked with his children on his back and his heavily pregnant wife from Greece to Serbia in the hope of being allowed through the border. Despite the horrors of what is going on, we are constantly in awe of the positive attitudes of those we encounter. We are excited for what is to come and look forward to working with other volunteers again in the future, knowing that we are all here for the same reason. Thank you for your partnership!

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