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Katrin arrived in Lesvos in 2015 and quickly found her role in emergency response on the Island's shores. For the entire winter, Katrin spent every night on the beach and in the water assisting over 3000 boats land safely to shore. Her background in nursing and midwifery meant that she was high on demand on the beaches for emergency medical situations and pregnant mothers. During the days, Katrin made frequent visits to Moria, Kara-Tepe and Pikpa camps, distributing aid and personal hygiene supplies such as toothbrushes and razors.

After the EU-Turkey deal came into place, Katrin moved her efforts to the mainland, visiting a number of refugee camps before settling in Ritsona and Inofyta camps, outside of Athens and joining the organisation I AM YOU. Katrin quickly set to work with some independent volunteers setting up a female friendly space where she was able to support pregnant mothers with advice and extra nutritional supplies.

Once this was up and running she became team leader for I AM YOUth, youth activities for the camp children. Katrin was a popular presence in the camp, with all the children running to the car and shouting her name as she entered each day. She made lasting impressions on many families and was asked to be present at the birth of one of the camp’s newest residents.

Katrin now makes up one of the 6 co-founders of The Timber Project providing a humanitarian response along the Balkan route.

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