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Erin found her role in emergency response on the southern shores of Lesvos, working nightshift over winter in the water and on the beaches assisting over 3000 boats carrying over 120,000 men, women and children, to land safely on the shore and providing emergency aid.

She spent the daytime at the camps and at home in the kitchen cooking Syrian inspired food parcels and distributing them at the ferry port to hungry families ready to embark on their onward journeys.

After the EU- Turkey Deal was struck, Erin and Katrin visited a number of camps in Northern Greece before settling in Ritsona and Inofyta and joining I AM YOU.

Here she formed I AM YOUth - a children's creative play programme. She then went on to build a children's library, a music tent and a carpentry workshop, which empowered residents to create and build their own furniture and offered a moments solace from the monotony of camp life. Erin uses her creative background to build calming, safe spaces for people affected by trauma.

Erin now makes up one of the 6 co- founders of The Timber Project providing a humanitarian response along the Balkan route.

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