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Chris came to Greece towards the end of 2015 to help with the refugee crisis. He spent the nightshifts on the shores of Lesvos, assisting the many boats that arrived during the winter, helping people to safety and distributing emergency supplies such as blankets and water. During the days he made regular visits to Moria Refugee Camp, distributing aid. Seeing the need for volunteers and the scale of the growing crisis Chris returned home to hand in his notice at work, pack up his house and quickly moved out to Greece.

Here he gained experience working with I AM YOU and Danish Refugee Council where he headed the shelter allocation team in Moria Reception Centre.

Following the EU-Turkey Deal, Chris and the I AM YOU team travelled to the Greek mainland to assess the camps most in need of assistance. After visiting some of the most desperate sites, including Idomeni and EKO Station, they decided Ritsona refugee camp would be the place they could be of most use.

Since then he has been programme managing the early recovery phase at Ritsona refugee camp, helping to set up a school, library, art space and a carpentry workshop.

Chris’ background is in landscape architecture and site planning.

Chris now makes up one of the 6 co-founders of The Timber Project providing a humanitarian response along the Balkan route.

We hope you will follow his journey. Please like, share and donate.

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