Refugee for Refugees had the daunting task of equipping the hundreds of new arrivals to Moria Camp with clothing that could see them through the changing seasons. In order to help, this project saw us transform their large 300m2 warehouse, a 5 minute walk from Moria Refugee Camp, into an effective and efficient distribution space. Before we began all donations were stored on the floor in cardboard boxes, largely disorganised, making the distribution hard work and not nearly as efficient as it could be.


To begin we divided the space into two with a wall incorporating a serving hatch. In front of the hatch is a waiting area where we built and installed benches and a check-in desk ensuring people can wait for their appointment in relative comfort, protected from the elements. Behind the hatch the warehouse was equipped with large storage shelves, clothes racks and shoe racks for donations to be sorted onto. This allows the volunteers running the distribution to easily see the items they can offer and ensures any items not wanted can be quickly and tidily returned to the shelves ready for the next customer.