In December 2016 we received the sad news the We Are Here's community centre in Nea Kavala Camp had been burnt down. We immediately offered our help, and after overwhelming support backing the rebuild of a replacement centre, we set to work in January 2017. 

Unfortunately it was one of the coldest winters in recent years in Greece which led us to a few hurdles initially stabilising the shade shelters that were to be clad in insulated aluminium sheeting and converted into the centre. After settling on a system of concrete block weights our only problem was sinking them the 200mm we needed into the ground. It had frozen so hard that even a digger merely scraped along the surface. Eventually, a pneumatic drill and much crow-barring later we managed to get the blocks where they needed to be. We then clad the 20 x 6m timber structure in the insulated sheets and installed the roof. Flooring panels were generously donated by The Get Shit Done Team and were installed into the space fully insulated. Windows were cut into the wall panels and then double glazed to ensure the insulated space was kept as efficient as possible. 

The space was then divided into four separate rooms including a store room. Two were designed to be class rooms and the last, a community library, which Erin once again worked her magic with Judith Finch from We Are Here, was turned into a magical children's space complete with tree and story time space.