In November The Timber Project embarked on a large scale winterisation project that looked to, in some small way, better the conditions for those facing another freezing winter in Moria Refugee Camp.  We moved to Lesvos and rented a workshop in order to enable our team, along with people living in the camp, to build solutions that could hopefully ease the harsh conditions. 


We set to work designing and building a simple flooring system that could be applied to all the large canvas tents in Moria and The Olive Grove. The floor was designed so that it could be easily installed under the tent inners lifting people up out of surface water and providing an insulating layer between them and the cold ground.


Each timber floor frame is screwed onto 12 pallets arranged underneath the tent inner. Rock wool insulation is then rolled out to sit on top of the pallets and inside the wooden frame. Once the frame is filled with the insulation, OSB sheets are screwed on top of the timber frame and insulation creating an insulated floor for the tent inner to sit on. 


We are delighted to report that this project has been a huge success with our team receiving first-hand feedback as to how much warmer and more comfortable the even raised surface was to sleep on. 


This project continues into January as more tents are installed for new arrivals. It's hard to comprehend that as we enter the third year of the refugee crisis in Greece, men women and children are still being forced to spend a winter under canvas. However, the sad reality remains and so we feel it is imperative that as much as possible is done in order to make these conditions livable.