The first shop of the Katsikas market street is a general store. This space allows Refugee Support to offer fresh fruit and vegetables, store cupboard essentials, hygiene products and 'luxury items' such as chocolate. The store works on the same points system as the other stores with families receiving a set number of points to spend each week relating to their size. 

The theme for the general store was to create a relaxing calm space in which to shop, free of clutter but with space enough to display all the goods on offer. Firas, Ahmad and Bassam, two electricians and a welder from Syria who also had skills in shop fitting helped us throughout this project designing and building elements such as the feature shelves and installing the light fixtures, bringing the space to life! 

Outside the shop window along the left hand side of the street we created a display of crockery painted by old residents of the camp in workshops run by Habibi Works.