Intervolve Greece have been running a popular children's library in Koutsochero camp out of a donated shipping container. In order for them to continue the activities comfortably during the summer months however they needed a shaded space where children could relax, play and learn and we of course were more than happy to build it! 


The first step was to dig in the concrete blocks onto which the posts would be attached, easier said than done due to the camp being located in an old marble quarry! Once the 12m x 6m frame was up we attached dense netting to provide cool shade below. 


We were very generously donated flooring panels from The Get Shit Done Team which after levelling with bricks made up the decked floor to the outdoor library space. 


We then designed two little reading nooks, a lounger chair, kid sized picnic benches, and a sheltered reading circle to create spaces that everyone could enjoy during their library time. We also made a large blackboard which can be used for informal teaching or drawing and painted signs so that children would know when the library was open and closed for activities. 

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