The Distribution Market Place at Katsikas camp was built with the support of Help Refugees and Refugee Support in order to provide a space in which Refugee Support can achieve their aim of giving 'aid with dignity'. The market place houses 5 shops which cover men, women and children's clothing, a shoe shop and a general store for food and non food items. 

The market place works using a point system. Each family or individual is given a certain number of points each month. They are then free to use these points as they wish allowing people to choose what they want or need to buy that week. This new manner of goods distribution dissolves the need for prescribed 'hand-outs' and adds a small element of control back into the daily lives of those stuck in the camp.


The Market took one month to complete, with The Timber Project team splitting into a build team and a decorating team. Working alongside each other we ensured the project could be completed to as high a standard as possible whilst ensuring the market was ready for the arrival of a new community into Katsikas Camp.


Each shop is fully insulated to ensure warmth in winter and the ability (with the addition of air-conditioning units) to keep the spaces cool in the summer months. The windows of the hanger were replaced to allow as much natural light into the space as possible and with the addition of 3 skylights to each store this was able to also flood into the shops. Each shop was fitted with a stock room to allow for ease of use when restocking the stores and where necessary changing rooms were built.   


We aimed to create beautiful spaces that transported people out of the camp and provided an memorable and exciting shopping experience. Each shop was individually designed and created with careful consideration, tailored for those that will use it.


We are extremely proud of what we achieved at Katsikas camp but it could not have been done without the support of Help Refugees and Refugee Support. We also want to thank all at Habibi Works for their incredible help running workshops to create some of the artwork for these spaces.

Take a look through each gallery below to see the shops in full!