Humans 4 Humanity run a day centre that runs distribution of non-food items, groceries and clothing. They operate using a ‘shop style’ of distribution where people are free to choose the items they need or like as opposed to being given prescribed hand-outs. Everyday people are transported from Moria camp via shuttle bus and are able to shop for items they want and pay using a points system.


To facilitate this we designed and built partition walls in the lower section of their building to divide the space into woman’s, men’s and children’s shops as well as designated stock rooms. Each of the shops had a range of furniture such as shelving, shoe racks and clothes racks allowing people to easily see the items on offer. We also constructed changing rooms for people to try on items they liked to check they fit properly. We also installed a check in desk at the front of the shop from which the volunteers running distribution can greet the shoppers and explain how the system works.



We are delighted to report that the space is a huge success, creating a dignified experience for everyone involved. The Humans 4 Humanity team are also able to work more efficiently with the stockrooms allowing them to sort new donations on the sorting tables before being put out on the shop floor.