This project was built in collaboration with Medicins Sans Frontieres and was an extremely important project that looked to restore a small piece of dignity to the lives of those who are stuck in a desperate and uncertain situation. At the time this project took place there were approximately 300 people camping at Horgos the transit zone that sits between Serbia and Hungary.

Access to the camp was extremely limited with authorities unwilling to allow NGO presence in the camp in fear of it growing. This left hundreds of people relying on one tap to service the whole camp, 8 chemical toilets and 1 make-shift shower that the residents had assembled themselves. After an initial assessment by MSF it became clear that additional shower units were in desperate need. 


The Timber Project built 10 basic shower units and 1 disabled access unit that offered residents the privacy required to have a proper wash.

The showers were built off site with the 4 corner posts extended ready to be dug into the ground when they reached Horgos. This project proved that even the simplest of designs can have a huge impact on the day-to-day lives of those stuck in an unimaginable situation.