Home II is a sister project to the 'Home for a Day' restaurant run by Greek couple Nikos & Katerina. The concept was to create a space in Mytilene city centre where people could escape the tiring camp conditions without having to pay more than the bus fair to do so. The space aims to encourage interaction between Greek locals and refugee communities by offering free coffee, tea and wifi to everyone that visits. Computer-based learning classes, language and music classes are also run by Dropen I Havet every week in the space. 



The cafe was realised in the disused ground floor level garage of their own home in Mytelini City Centre which is situated on the bus route from Moria Camp. This project saw us utilise every skill we have from designing the space to framing the walls, floor, and ceiling, plasterboarding, painting, tiling, building furniture, sewing cushions and everything in between. 


It was a labor of love but we are so proud of the end result and hope it will bring joy to many for many years to come. We are so excited to see this previously disused space come to life and provide a great resource to both the local and refugee communities.