The work for the EKO Project and World Wide Tribe's classroom was completed in two stages. In December 2016 we fitted insulation and roofing panels to the aluminium roof of the barn to help dampen the sound when it rained and go some way towards improving the insulation of the space.


Later in February of 2017 we returned to build wooden flooring and realise the design of EKO Project's architect Ryan. Ryan's design saw us build a three tier seating structure that incorporated play tunnels within its cavity. The auditorium style seating provided the perfect space for classes to be run for the residents of Vasilika Camp and in-between times offered children a space to play and explore. 

Whilst there, EKO Project and World Wide Tribe also made use of Erin's Art Direction skills and had her paint a beautiful mural behind the seating structure embedding it into the space perfectly.