The Cafe at Alexandria Refugee camp was built for Refugee Support in order for them to provide a dignified space in which adults of the camp can relax, play games, watch television and drink tea and coffee. The project saw the old military mess hall bar removed and the room then divided into three separate spaces. Two smaller function rooms were created which can be used as the community desires - for crafts, events or workshops - and a larger cafe space in which to socialise is aimed to be a cool, relaxing environment. 

The dividing walls were built and fully insulated to ensure noise from the cafe didn't carry and disrupt whatever event was taking place in the function rooms and were then painted a deep navy. The space behind the cafe bar was tiled white with a black grout to create a cafe feeling and also ensure the space was easy to clean. One half of the cafe was painted a dusty pink and tiled with decorative wood effect panel that again ensured the well used space could be easily cleaned and the walls protected from ware and tare. The other half of the cafe was decorated with a statement wallpaper that depicts green foliage adding a huge burst of colour into the room and creating an exotic, relaxing atmosphere.


Standing benches were built along two of the newly assembled walls, one tiled to connect it to the bar and the other painted the same deep navy allowing people to work, eat their evening meal or drink a coffee whilst standing. A window table was also created from a beautiful piece of oak donated by a local furniture maker which looks out over the rest of the camp. 

We hope this space will provide an welcoming retreat from the summer sun and a space in which people can connect, socialise, relax and have fun!