The Timber Project is a non-profit organisation devoted to building structures that improve the quality of life for refugees stranded in Greece and along the Balkan route. 

While the situation is complex, our work is simple: we design and build timber structures that offer small pieces of solace, protection and dignity to those forced to flee their homes. Our projects are currently aimed at addressing the needs of refugees temporarily residing in Greece.  We strive to improve conditions in the camps by designing and building structures such as distribution markets, children's playgrounds and communal structures, which have been used to create women friendly spaces, children's libraries, cafes and wifi stations, amongst many other applications.



We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. We are grateful to have partnered with NGO's we admire such as Help Refugees, Refugee Support, EKO Project, A Drop In The Ocean, Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), I'm Human Organisation (iHo), Intervolve, DRC, We Are Here and Together For Better Days to provide the residents of camps in Greece and Northern Serbia with structures that offer small pieces of solace, protection and dignity.

We have seen first-hand the difference these services can make to people stranded in the camps across Europe. We would love to expand and continue our work to help as many people as possible. We thank you for all the kind donations we have received. These projects are only possible with your backing so please spare whatever you can and help make a difference.


We look to work with members of the community in each camp to assist in the build of each structure. We work efficiently managing orders of materials, design alterations and members of our team to ensure each project is completed as soon as possible and to a high standard. Once complete we hand over the long-term management and maintenance of the space to our partners in the community, who are supported by the resident NGO's present in each camp.



In every camp we work in there are a multitude of professionals eager to put their skills to use. We work with members of the community to realise projects in camps and continue their maintenance when we are gone. 



Our projects look to answer the needs and desires of the community in each camp we work in. We strive to improve the living conditions for all and create spaces that encourage community.



With all routine, structure and certainty removed from every day life spaces in which some of these things can be restored such as womens spaces and playgrounds are invaluable. 


All of this is not possible without your support. Please help us better the lives of those faced with unimaginable hardship and degrading conditions. Everything that you donate goes towards allowing us to continue our work.



If you have a specific item or project you would like to see realised by your donation please get in touch with us at 



Thank you for your kindness and we look forward to updating you on what your contribution has achieved.